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Mon, 28 Feb 2022

MWC 2022: Lenovo announces ThinkPads, IdeaPads, Chromebooks, ThinkBooks and more | Charles McLellan/ZDNet https://www.zdnet.com/article/mobile-world-congress-lenovo-announces-thinkpads-ideapads-chromebooks-thinkbooks-and-more/

Hustle and hype: the truth about the influencer economy - Symeon Brown/The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2022/feb/24/hustle-and-hype-the-truth-about-the-influencer-economy

Sat, 26 Feb 2022

I hooked up a new cable for our Spectrum service that goes under the house instead of around the eaves. I did the phone wire (from the modem) months ago. I still have to go under the house and let some slack out ...

Sun, 20 Feb 2022

Debian has really turned things around with Chromium. The security patches have been timely. For me this turnaround is the Linux distro story of 2022. https://lwn.net/Articles/885277/

Thu, 17 Feb 2022

How I customize Fedora Silverblue and Fedora Kinoite - Muhammed Yasin Özsaraç/Fedora Magazine https://fedoramagazine.org/how-i-customize-fedora-silverblue-and-fedora-kinoite/

Sun, 13 Feb 2022

We live in the most distracted time in human history. Can we reclaim our attention spans? An interview with "Stolen Focus" author Johan Hari - Sean Illing/Vox https://www.vox.com/vox-conversations-podcast/2022/2/8/22910773/vox-conversations-johann-hari-stolen-focus

Wed, 09 Feb 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22: How to preorder and get the best deal | June Wan/ZDNet https://www.zdnet.com/article/samsung-galaxy-s22-how-to-buy-prerorder-best-deals/

Tue, 08 Feb 2022

Debian has been very proactive in updating the Chromium web browser. It's a very positive development. — Debian Security Announce via LWN.net https://lwn.net/Articles/884073/

Mon, 07 Feb 2022

Tribute to William "Bill" G Leavitt — Alisdair Macrae Birch https://www.alisdair.com/educator/williamgleavitt.html

My Mentor, William G. Leavitt | Karl Aranjo http://www.karlaranjo.com/my-mentor-william-g-leavitt/

Thu, 03 Feb 2022

One of CentOS Stream's secret weapons is @containertoolbx, which I'm using to set up development environments without mucking up the entire system.

On @fedora @teamsilverblue, I'd like @GNOME Software to ask me if I'd like to update WITHOUT rebooting right away and have the updated system active on the next boot.

TBH, I'm very much OK with Flatpaks automatically updating on @fedora @teamsilverblue -- just like I am on @debian.

Wed, 02 Feb 2022

Is there a Reload All Tabs Functionality/Shortcut for Vivaldi? (Answer: yes!) https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/9433/is-there-a-reload-all-tabs-functionality-shortcut-for-vivaldi/13?_=1643819833763&lang=en-US

Now that htop is in EPEL 9, I'm a whole lot more comfortable with @CentOS Stream 9 on the desktop. https://mirror.arizona.edu/fedora-epel/9/Everything/x86_64/Packages/h/